Staging Your Home

The impression your home makes on a potential buyer is a big deciding factor for them. Be sure that each time a buyer comes to your home it is looking and smelling its best. Before each showing you should try to do the following:

  • Pick up every room
  • Turn on all lights
  • Open drapes and blinds
  • Clear all counter tops and be sure all appliances are wiped down
  • Clean Air, keep air fresheners in closets, kitchen and bathrooms choose a light scent that will not be too overbearing and will leave a good impression on buyers.
  • Soft background music can be a pleasant way to invite people into your home as well.
  • If you have a fireplace a fire burning may be a great touch, if you are in a situation where it is possible and safe to do so.
  • A comfortable inside temperature is important you want potential buyers to be at their highest comfort level when in the home.
  • Bathrooms are very important, be sure they look sharp.
  • The Entryway is the first and last impression your buyers have of the home make it a good one.

It is very important that your home shows well, it can help your home sell more quickly and for a higher price. If you are like most, then it will be impossible to keep your home in show condition all of the time. You must develop a routine that works for you and will allow you to prepare for a showing in a reasonable amount of time. Click here to print this checklist